I have a new toy!!!!

And I love it!

I’ve been keeping an eye on ebay for greenhouses for a month or so, figuring this is probably the best time of year to get one if i want a bargain, but I kept getting outbid, so eventually I put out a ‘wanted’ on cheapcycle, and someone offered to sell me this one. Dad came with me to dismantle and collect it, then I spent a very long 7 hours putting it up the next day.


Eventually I plan to move it to the main part of the garden next to the veggie patch so I can plant tomatoes and stuff directly into the soil, but that’ll require a fair amount of work to level the area, so i decided to just put it up on the patio for the winter so I can sit in it when it’s raining, and grow a bit of lettuce and rocket. So for now it’s all set up with a table, a few pots, and a bench for me to sit on. AND I LOVE IT.