Spinners’ Control Card

I made this back in 2009, and hosted it on flickr. They kept on changing their resizing algorithm so it wouldn’t print right, so I hosted it elsewhere but didn’t really make it easy to find. From time to time people ask me about it, so here it is in easy to locate format!

It is for helping with consistency in handspun yarns. Use it regularly while you are spinning to check your WPI and ensure it doesn’t vary throughout the project, then use the chart on the back to figure out what sort of yarn you’ve made. Or you can ‘work backwards’ and decide how thick you want your final yarn to be, and work out how thick your singles need to be to get that end result. Don’t forget to swatch though, as your fibre choice and spinning technique can mean your yarn thickness changes drastically during wet finishing.


To use, click the above image to open the full size version, then save and print without resizing. It should be 11cm square at 300dpi. Check the one inch section does actually measure an inch, then fold in half and hang from your wheel. You can laminate it if you like to make it more hardwearing, but mine tend to go walkabout before they wear out!