I miss cooking.

Work on the kitchen is slow but steady. Here it is last wednesday:


And here it is today:

Now they just need to do a tiny bit more plumbing to get the sink fully working, and bring in and hook up the washing machine and dishwasher, finish and grout the tiles, install the hob and oven, finish the cupboard over the boiler, put in the floor, and do a few bits of finishing touches adding trims and stuff. I’ve still not actually seen the hob or oven, but i’ve been assured that they have definitely been ordered, so i hope they show up tomorrow.

I have no kitchen

This is what it was like yesterday. Now there is a hole in the wall and boxes with new cupboards in. And all day it’s been BANG BANG BANG BRRRRRR CRASH. But at least it’s getting there…yay! I am getting over a cold so I’ve been hiding in bed sneezing and coughing and wishing that putting the covers over my head and squeezing my eyes closed would make the noise go away.