Everything is growing!

We seem to have pretty much missed spring and gone straight into summer, it’s been sooo hot the last few days. My plans to plant stuff got put on hold due to being ill and lazy. I managed to get in 2 rows of radish and 2 of lettuce, and that was it. But today I finally got round to doing some stuff and bought a couple of plants, and planted a few seeds too.

See! much less empty space!

The raspberries are going crazy. My mum put in a few more, and a few strawberry plants that were taking over her garden, they have been sat on a few times by Snargle, and the strawberries don’t like the lack of rain, but I just gave it all a lot of water, so hopefully they’ll be happy soon.

The blueberries are all happily flowering, and this time are out of the way of the chickens, so hopefully I’ll actually get to eat some this year without polly stealing them all through the net.

Woo radish! There were a couple of rows of lettuce, but I think the other stuff growing is just weeds, so I’ve started some more romaine lettuce indoors, and some mixed salad leaves in that pot.

Peas! I bought these today from the shop in long stratton, and also planted some more indoors, so hopefully that means I’ll get a couple of crops

Courgettes, one yellow, one green. I’ve not had yellow courgettes before, but someone on rav suggested I grow some.

I also planted some carrots in a pot, cos they always fail in my heavy soil when i try and plant them in the ground, and a pot with spinach and watercress in, which are in the cold frame. Then there’s the mixed salad leaves pot outside, and indoors I am trying peas, romaine lettuce, climbing french beans, and moneymaker tomatoes. The seeds for the beans were reaaaaaaally old, so I’m not holding out much hope, but the others are only from last year, so they should work. Hopefully. Provided the cats don’t knock the whole lot off the windowsill.

Not that these lazy creatures would even THINK of doing something so naughty

Oh, and in non garden related news, I’m making a strip quilt. I cut a bunch of squares of paper from an old yellow pages, and these strips of fabric from an assortment i bought on ebay. It’s going okay so far, aside from the cats loving to sit on the piled up paper and fabric bits.


ETA: Wow, after posting this i flicked down to look at the pics from my last garden entry. It’s amazing how much the hedgerow has grown in a single month…and the raspberry plants…and the grass…and the weeds.