Win free yarn and fibre!

Sooo, I was planning a contest to celebrate 100 sales, and then to celebrate 250 hearts on etsy, and I managed to not actually get around to blogging about it, so I am now having a competition to celebrate my 148th sale…or getting an awesome new sock yarn base in….or easter…or anything else you like!


There will be two prize options, either a 100g skein of my new superwash merino/nylon sock yarn, or a 100g merino batt. So this entry isn’t devoid of pics, here’s a couple of examples:

How to enter

To enter, leave a comment suggesting a colourway you’d like to see me make and a name for that colourway.

Try and be as specific as you can….if it’s a batt, do you want it layered, evenly blended, partly blended, striped, with sparkle,  etc etc. For yarn, do you want it varigated, semi solid, something else? What proportions of each colour do you want? Be as specific as you can with describing the colours, so I can get a good idea of what you’re suggesting.


The deadline for entries will be midnight on Wednesday April 15th. I’ll do the drawing and post winners sometime on Thursday.

How winners will be chosen

There will be two prizes, the first given to the person whose colour combination I like the best, and the second chosen at random from all the entries (using The winners will recieve a batt or skein of yarn in the colourway they suggested.

Other rules

– If you’re on Ravelry, please include your username in your comment. If you’re not on Ravelry, then please make sure I have some other way to contact you.

– I will message the winners to let them know they have won on the day of the draw (unless I’m too ill or something, then it’ll be as soon as possible afterwards). Winners must get back to me within a week of my message with their postal address, or the prize will be rescinded and given to someone else.

– Only one entry per person please, but each person may suggest colourways for both yarn and fibre. If you win the draw, I will ask which prize you would prefer.

– By entering, you give me the right to use your colourway and name to create items for sale in my shop. If I do this, I will give you credit on the listing, and will offer you a discount if you would like to purchase it.

– Entries that don’t include a suggestion of a colourway AND a name for that colourway will not be counted.

Erm, that’s all I can think of now! So get your thinking caps on, and good luck!