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Sooo, I was planning a contest to celebrate 100 sales, and then to celebrate 250 hearts on etsy, and I managed to not actually get around to blogging about it, so I am now having a competition to celebrate my 148th sale…or getting an awesome new sock yarn base in….or easter…or anything else you like!


There will be two prize options, either a 100g skein of my new superwash merino/nylon sock yarn, or a 100g merino batt. So this entry isn’t devoid of pics, here’s a couple of examples:

How to enter

To enter, leave a comment suggesting a colourway you’d like to see me make and a name for that colourway.

Try and be as specific as you can….if it’s a batt, do you want it layered, evenly blended, partly blended, striped, with sparkle,  etc etc. For yarn, do you want it varigated, semi solid, something else? What proportions of each colour do you want? Be as specific as you can with describing the colours, so I can get a good idea of what you’re suggesting.


The deadline for entries will be midnight on Wednesday April 15th. I’ll do the drawing and post winners sometime on Thursday.

How winners will be chosen

There will be two prizes, the first given to the person whose colour combination I like the best, and the second chosen at random from all the entries (using The winners will recieve a batt or skein of yarn in the colourway they suggested.

Other rules

– If you’re on Ravelry, please include your username in your comment. If you’re not on Ravelry, then please make sure I have some other way to contact you.

– I will message the winners to let them know they have won on the day of the draw (unless I’m too ill or something, then it’ll be as soon as possible afterwards). Winners must get back to me within a week of my message with their postal address, or the prize will be rescinded and given to someone else.

– Only one entry per person please, but each person may suggest colourways for both yarn and fibre. If you win the draw, I will ask which prize you would prefer.

– By entering, you give me the right to use your colourway and name to create items for sale in my shop. If I do this, I will give you credit on the listing, and will offer you a discount if you would like to purchase it.

– Entries that don’t include a suggestion of a colourway AND a name for that colourway will not be counted.

Erm, that’s all I can think of now! So get your thinking caps on, and good luck!

55 thoughts on “Win free yarn and fibre!”

  1. Oooh! Pick me! Pick me! 😉

    I would love to see a combination of green, blue, and purple. Not so much a striped effect, but more blended and subtle, like a shift through the color spectrum. You could call it Shift to Ultraviolet, or Ultraviolet Shift.

  2. Okay, have you seen Monsters vs Aliens? I would love to see a colorway in Insectosaurus. He has a creamy/light yellow kind of belly with a bit of aqua shading and then deep orangey/red body.

    Probably too complicated to do but the whole time I was watching that movie I kept thinking, “He would make great socks or mittens!”

  3. My Ravelry name is Lileesgram The color way i would like to see is like one I bought a long time ago, it is a roving, but a yarn would be good too. I call it Mellow Melon and is is pink blending into green and it reminds me of watermelon and the colors go from dark pink to light pink and then light green to a more grass like green. I love it so much, I have the roving in a jar at my office so I can look at it because I don’t have time to spin it, BUT….if I had the yarn, I can knit it!


  4. No, pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    I would love to see either a stripey batt or varigated yarn in a limey green, royal purple and black. The batt should have sparkles of course. The colorway name would be “Alien in a Zoot Suit”.

  5. I would love to see a greens, gold and violet colorway in both the batts and the yarn. I think a nice 3-4 inch bit of color, using shades of green changing from darker to lighter, then a short bit of gold then a short bit of violet. I’d like the yarn to be sport or worsted weight but following the same sort of repeats.
    “Forest Nymph” would be my choice for a name because the gold would sparkle just a tad and add a warmth and woodsy look.
    My Rav name is celticoma. Thanks and have fun!

  6. I would love to see a very light dusting of a blackish charcoal gray over a deep purplish, pomegranate red color, in sort of a semisolid manner. You could call it “Sinful Night.”

    I wants more Vampy yarn!

  7. I’d like to see a pink/orange yarn… maybe call it… ummm… I’m bad at names… call it Beatrice (Trixie for short).
    I just like pink and orange.

    (GehneeMarie on Ravelry)

  8. Wooo!

    I’d love to see a midnight blue yarn. Not black, but not navy. A luminous blend of deep shades of inky, purpley blues going into black. Dark, mysterious, lusty. And to symbolize something dark, evil, lurking around the color, it could be called Incubus (or Succubus, if you prefer).

  9. jeanius80 here!

    “Mermaid Angel” colorway would be-
    In batt form:
    slowly fading from side to side, ocean turquoise blue greens to white, with lots of silver and opal sparkles… I am thinking similar to the way the one you posted in this entry looks, only white where the purple is and transitioning along in oceany colors..

    for a novelty ‘spin-in’ stuff, yarn bits in seaweed greens and little white feathers.. maybe some little cowrie shells too?

    As a yarn, a striping sock yarn or one that transitions in the same colors.. So pretty either way! OOOO if you used one of those fingering yarns with silver bits.. perfect rendition of the shiny batt to a yarn 😉

  10. I would love a batt done in dark, medium and light blu, black, and a small bit of goldenrod, shot through with sparkles. Call it Starry Night. 🙂

  11. I think you could have so much fun with a series of colours inspired by the Wizard of Oz movie.

    First, something in black, grey and white for the first part of the movie.

    Then the vivid colours of the rest of the film, from the green and black of the Wicked Witch to Dorothy’s blue dress, white socks and a splash of red shoes, to the colours of Munchkinland, to the scary monkeys, to the yellow brick road to the emerald city of Oz … there are just so many to choose from and they were all so vivid.

    And if you do this, then the next series has to be the colours of the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie — and wow, those were some spectacular colour combinations too! (Gene Wilder’s purple coat and brown top hat; the oompa loompas’ green hair and orange faces; and of course the chocolate river and all that candy!)

    (I’m wenat on ravelry — HI!)

  12. Hi!
    Congrats with your milestones!
    Right now I’m making eggcozies with your fiber.
    Bought gray batts a few months ago, spun it in a superbe 2ply during the christmasholidays and will turn a bit into the cozies now with Easter!

    My suggested colourway for yarn:
    semisolid copperred, with little dark (burned) orange spots/fades in it.
    Do I make myself clear ;)?

    Congrats and happy Easter!
    Groeten uit Rotterdam,
    Ballee (on Etsy and Ravelry)

  13. I would love to see a stripey batt with loads of sparkle in a ‘tropical fish tank’ colourway. I love the vibrant colours of tropical fish, so how about a greeny/blue background with tiny stripes of really bold colours and a bit of black shining through?

  14. In the film Cold Mountain the protagonist Ada(Nicole Kidman) wears a big, long, heavy coat in a faded burgundy with a wide deep brown belt and large brass buckle, and round her neck a bright bluey/turquoise lace scarf.. I always thought this was a stunning colour scheme…. as for a name…Ada of course

  15. Hi,I love competitions like this! My Rav name is Brownie22, and I would like to suggest a layered batt with pale green, pale blue and lilac in it called ‘Bluebell Wood’.

  16. hi,

    i’d love to see a batt which is a variety of blues, ranging from turquoisy to mid blue like the stuff in the photo, and then for there to be the intermittent bit of bright green and grey.

    i would call this batt “la mer” because it’s french for “the sea”, and the mix of blues obviously creates the water, and then the green bits are the seaweed, and the grety bits, pebbles that get thrown around by the sea.

    hope you like it

  17. I’d love to see a batt called Moonlit Night representing a starry twilight sky. All deep midnight blues and stormcloud greys, with shimmering pearly flashes for the moon.

    (koshka on Ravelry)

  18. My colorway is for yarn…..called La Femme Nikita. It’s a rich, emerald green with streaks of black and tiny bits of jewel tone blues and a blue-violet throughout, along with silver threading.

  19. I am semi solid girl…I love blues and greens and purples. I also like names that make sense for the color. I get really confused as to what I am looking for when there is not a bit of correspondence between name and color. Thus my suggestion of pierre turquin for turquoise is probably not a good one for me but I might make a word association with the ‘turq” part!

    Congratulations on your success Vampy!

  20. Congratulations on your sales and hearts!

    I would suggest a colourway called Crocus Purple and it be mostly a lilac ish purpleish colour with shortish lengths of darker and lighter purple, going to pink at the one end and almost black at the other, and maybe some flashes of white and gold and green…

    Please pick me, I’d love to see that!

  21. With all the “me”ing around here, you’d think we were swapping!

    I have two ideas…

    Batt: Layered, with some light blending, of pale blue silk or bamboo, deep turquoise and teal wool, and a deep dark blue. Add in some sparkle in paler shades of the deep colors. Neptune’s Depths or Atlantis for the name.

    Yarn: Mostly semi-solid, leaf green to forest green, with a little touch of browns here and there. Dryad.

  22. Hi Vampy!
    Well I love green!!! How about a bright green colors with different undertones of darker green called the Chartreuse Muse. This was a name of an art gallery but is out of business. The building was painted a bright green. I love this color. Another green is a green garnet called Tsavorite. it is a rare gemstone and beautiful shades form deep emerald green to a light green apple green. This would be a lovely dark semi-solid with lighter greens streaks and maybe some silk and bamboo for a glistening effect with BFL or Merino.

  23. I would love to see Spring Blossoms translated into fibre or yarn. I was looking at some trees earlier and thought how clever nature was to design such stunning combinations of pinks, peaches, creams and white against the colour of young leaves starting to change from reddish brown to bright green and all against a background of burnt Sienna and Umber branches.
    Beautiful but taken too quickly by wind and rain…

    Kat (LUknitter on Ravelry)

  24. I’m dying to have a skein of striped sock yarn that includes rich grays, soft yellows and a gentle white (not bleached but not creamy either). I’m not picturing abrupt color changes but gradually blending from one to the next. To me that’s Spring Rain.

    Ginas (on rav-lsg)

  25. I would love a touch of teal with sandy colours of pebbles, such as sand and light browns and creams and a touch of a pinky brown.

    Like you were walking on a sun bleached scottish beach in bright sunshine.

    and I would call it, Pebbles on a beach.

  26. My favorite thing ever is rainy summer nights in the city, so I’d like to see a yarn that is deep, dirty grey with just a hint of blue. Semi-solid-ish… a little bit uneven, like a kettle dye. And it could be called Languid, because that’s how rainy summer nights make me feel.

    My name’s gashknits on Rav.

  27. I’d love to see sock yarn in what I’d call “Freesia” – it would be yellows through white, with a touch green of course. Perfect for spring – but it’s autumn here so I’ll just dream… (ThePixie on Rav).

  28. I’d like to see some more natural fibre colours, a blended batt with natural browns/greys/creams, in a range of fibres too, would be gorgeous. I’d call it Pebbles.

  29. Hmmmm how about…. a lovely warm mushroom brown that changes to a warm pink that changes to a warm white….Gelato Neopolantino…like Neopolatin Icecream

    Or Black shot with red and call it Cut-a-bitch!

  30. Ooh, this is fun!
    I would love to see batts that were layers of baby pink, charcoal grey and lavender, with just a tiny hint of sparkle. I would call them sugar almonds.
    (Na-Na on Ravelry)

  31. Hmmm…. How about a fiber called “Summer Sky” — a semi solid with colors of the night time sky (deep blue/purple) & some sparkle for stars

    My yarn choice would be “PB&J” — shades of brown, raspberry, & grape

  32. I love the yarn and the batts-but the yarn most, I think. What I would like is a play on green-named Spring Equinox-with every color of green possible that I see in nature in spring -which goes from very light to very dark but with an emphasis on the new leaf colors–and somehow a thread of yellow weaving throughout for the sunlight, hope, and new growth of spring. Since I have never dyed any yarn I have no clue if this is even possible. The finished product would make me want to run outside, look at daffodils, and plant spring peas! ReadingKnitter01 on Ravelry

  33. I’d like to see if either yarn or batts a pale silvery grey base with flecks of bright turquoise, hot pink, plum and navy or black. In the yarn the flecks would be tiny like splatter painted yarn and the batt would have some sparkle.

  34. I would like a sock yarn for my hubby, a steelers fan. I would like it yellow-gold and black striped but I think the y-g should be thick striped and the b to be thin stripes maybe some white thrown in so it doesn’t look like a bumblebee. The name would be Bradshaw.

  35. First of all congratumalations on all the sales! W00t!
    Now, I suck at this, but I have been looking (ok, I’m not very good looking things up, maybe there is one but I have not seen it) for a striped sock yarn in red and black. The red should be like the one you show in this very post, or maybe a little stronger, basically anarchy or blood red! yes! And I’m not good with names, so something pretty obvious like Anarchy in the UK comes to mind.
    There it is!

  36. I would like to see a near solid yarn the color of dark green avocado skin with touches of dark brown.

  37. I am battybp on Ravelry – the colorway I would love to see is a darker grey fading into a lighter grey and onto a light lavender. Would call this Twilight.

  38. I’m gonna go with “Twas the Night Before Tax Day” (maybe not as funny for UK-ers!) It would be a soft night time grey with a Heated Red worked through.
    It would also be impossible to comb, spin and would constantly drop stiches. On the good side it will cause you to seek solace in your knitting.. even if you do mutter to yourself.

  39. Hi
    I’d love to win a batt in deep reds, russets going into conker browns with a glint of gold here and there – all colours I haven’t learnt to dye yet! Partly blended but not too much, with the golds leaping out in silk or maybe a little sparkle, and the deeper colours in long soft lustrous fibre. Name Autumn velvet:)
    Thanks – marywareodc

  40. Congratulations!

    I would like to see a noro style batt, changing slowly through lots of colours, each of the colours gradually blended together. This could be done as layers or stripes. I would call it Vampy Go-Slow, but I’m not good at names.

    Bexx on Rav.

  41. I’d love a batt called St Clement.

    It would have 45% orange, mid range, not too dark or light, and 45% bright lemon, not baby lemon. There would be 10% lime green, to represent the lovely foliage on my lemon plant :o) It would also have a lovely lime green sparkle running through it to represent the look of the foliage and the fruit all being visible at the same time, mixed together in a citrus burst of colour.

    The colours would be striped, but the sparkle would be sparingly spread throughout.

    carolinej on Ravelry

  42. I think I would be a batt named ‘John Barleycorn’, I would be golden yellow with a little sparkle and some green and black too.

  43. I hope I’m not too late!! It’s wednesday! I would love a batt named “those three words” it would ofc be reds. I would like it to be one of your batts that kinda fades from one side to the other from a dark rich burgandy (near black) to a bright ish red. Is there anything such as red sparkles? some of that would make it subtle but funky.

    It would fade evenly across the batt but not be stripey with, for example the bright red being concentrated on one side but having flecks in the dark section and vice versa.

  44. I took a photo of a wall the other day; anyone watching probably wondered why (!), but I was taken by the subtle mix of colours in the spring sunshine. I think it would make an interesting batt – the colourway would be called Orchard Wall. For the bricks, there would be a range of shades of orangey and bluey reds, some pale lichen green and a little bit of blue/grey. There would be silvery sparkle (not much) for the pointing. And flashes of the brighter red or green of an apple or pear. All colours only partly blended.

    breezily on ravelry

  45. I’d love to see intense oranges, reds and violets with some sparkle in a batt – inspired by the twilight sky, I’d call it “Shepherds’ Delight”

  46. entries are now CLOSED! thanks all for entering, you’ve given me a ton of great suggestions to consider. Winners will be announced tomorrow!

  47. “skinny dipping” or alternately “nightswimming”, mainly vivid dark blues, with some midnight blues, some black and silvery gray, and some lighter/brighter shades of blues that would show up as moonlight shimmered on the water. i’ve actually been looking for a colorway like this for a long time, and i haven’t quite found it.

    i forgot my idea for a batt.

    and this is probably going to be thrown out altogether because i just realized you’re in the UK and it’s past midnight there. damn.

  48. hi, Vampy!

    I’m lilylemon on Ravelry.

    I would love to see a rich dark brown /black semisolid colorway. I would name it “pico” or “Pico Brown,” after my horse.

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