Sojourner does some gardening

Today I thought it was high time Sojourner learned where her fibre comes from. I showed her what happens to cotton after it is spun:


And also some cotton bolls and fibre from the last time I grew it… it doesn’t grow too well in the UK, but I managed to get a little.


After that we went outside to the garden. A very small bird in a very big greenhouse


After fighting our way past the overgrown lettuce and tomatillo plants, we made it to the cotton!


Soon she was distracted by all the other greenery around her, so I showed her what Japanese Indigo looks like and told her to watch out for pretty blue fibre.


She was such a happy bird outdoors we went and looked at a few other plants.

Before relaxing for a while first on the moss, then by the waterfall.

She wasn’t done there though, there’s just so much more to learn. I told her all about flax:


And she learned how it grows


After a very busy and educational day, I think the best thing for us to do is curl up in bed with a cat and do some spinning!


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