mmmm, fibres

I recently won an ebay auction for a package of various fibres from the alpaca spinner, consisting of Grey shetland, corriedale, swaledale, oatmeal and brown BFL, and coloured merino rovings, and a big bag of baby alpaca fleece. They are all soooo soft and i love them all. So I decided to try and spin a laceweight yarn…you can see the first single here, in the grey shetland, with a strand of normal DK weight yarn hung over the bobbin for scale purposes. There’s a few fluffy bits on the yarn, and the odd bit that is too thick, but in general i’m pretty happy with it….I’m not sure what i am going to ply with it though, i’m thinking maybe a white/blue strand of merino, to ensure it’s just as soft, and so it knits up stripey.


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