quick update

typing is rather hard at the moment, as I have a karma kitten fast asleep on top of me. She has been very affectionate recently since getting locked in next door’s garage overnight one day last wee…I  thought it was a bit funny when she didnt come see me in bed all night, but then when she didnt come for food in the morning, i knew something was up, so i went outside and called her, and heard a pathetic howling coming from their garage. Luckily they leave it unlocked all the time so i could rescue her immediately and bring her indoors for lots of cuddles. She had very very dirty feet, they were so grey they almost matched the rest of her, and they’re still not back to normal even now, so I have no idea what she’d been doing in there…silly kitten!

I’ve carded up a few more batts today, I love having an etsy store as it gives me a chance to play so much more with my carder, which i wouldn’t be able to do if i had to spin all the batts myself. here’s tonight’s update:


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