I keep forgetting to take photos of my animals, so instead, here’s some pics of my dad’s chickens. They were a Xmas present from my mum, she bought him the house, and he built his own run, then we went to pick the chickens up on Thursday. They are all young, either at, or coming up to, point of lay, and one has already laid an egg! Eventually they will be free ranging, but they’re staying in their run for a while until they know where their bedroom is.

From left to right they are: Rocky, a Black Rock, Buffy, a Buff Orpington, Molly, a Maran, and Polly, a Welsummer.


I fell in love with a Partridge Cochin, cos I love chickens with trousers, and because she was really talkative, the first time we went to the place she was just sitting all by herself making cute chickeny noises, but Dad decided not to get her cos he thought she was too big compared to the others.

And here’s some more pics of the chickens in the snow:



I’m going round there tomorrow, so if i manage to get there while it’s still light, I’ll get some more photos of them.

3 thoughts on “Chickens!!”

  1. These chickens are so cute! We’ve been talking about getting some chickens but are really worried about the local fox brigade wrecking some havoc…. what sort of house did your dad get? 🙂

  2. The house came from ebay, I’m not sure of the seller, but it was fairly cheap as they go, less than £150 including delivery, and he made the run himself with a solid plastic roof so they can still use it if there’s a bird flu scare and they aren’t allowed to be free ranging.

    Foxes are only really a problem at night, if you can get some sort of house or run they can be locked up in from dusk, they should be fine.

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