Let me tell you about my kitchen

It had a magpie in it the other day. It was pretty awesome, aside from being 7am. I am actually impressed that a magpie and cat could fit through the catflap at the same time. I am less impressed at being woken up at 7am and not have long enough arms to reach both window safety catches at the same time to get the thing out. It was all ok in the end though.

And that isn’t the point.

The point is, my kitchen is pretty nasty. When I moved in 11 years ago it was even nastier, it was yellow with a beige floor and white cupboards. I put down a new floor, which would have been ok, cept it’s got white in, and it was cheap, and the white is no longer white. I’ve painted the walls and cabinets several times, this yukky dusky pink was really only decided upon as it was the only cabinet paint on super special offer and they really needed doing cos i’d used non-cabinet paint the time before and it was all scratched up.


Sadly budget constraints have meant my dream kitchen with sparkly granite worktops and glass spashbacks won’t be appearing any time soon, but it will have awesome things….like more storage space…and a totally flat wipe clean hob, and a mid-height oven so i dont have to bend over and whine getting heavy stuff out. Well, given that the current oven blew up a few weeks ago, ANY oven would be good round about now. AND a one and a half bowl sink! This makes me very happy. There should be enough space to store all the cooking things, AND the wine making things AND the soap making things AND all the things for any other kitchen related hobbies I decide i need to do.

So I decided to take before and after pics so i could remember the horribleness of before.

This is the side of the kitchen we actually use for cooking. It is a little cleaner than normal.

This is the side of the kitchen that gren uses cos it has a deep fat fryer in. It is way messier than normal cos I’ve been emptying old stuff out of cupboards. Also it’s generally ugly cos the cupboards are horrible, and there’s big bits missing from the coving cos there used to be a cupboard around the old boiler. Also I bottled a ton of cider vinegar the other day, so that needs a home finding for it. The entire space behind the small bin is full of carrier bags. I really need to remember to reuse them and stop collecting them



And this is, in theory, what it will look like. I am not sure why the boiler looks like a train in the pic, but i asked him to leave it cos it amused me.

Also, the floor will not be so scary. It’s gonna be hardwearing laminate in a fake slate tile effect, to match the worktops. But without the huge tiles and white grout.

And i want it done now now now. But the contractor is a bit rubbish and unable to use a tape measure, so he sent the place the wrong measurements (the plan above was done from estimates I gave), so I’ve had to send the proper measurements in for it to be done again. He has promised it’ll all be in and done way before xmas though, so that’s all good.

woohoo new kitchen!

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