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The kitchen is finished! Well, it was finished just before Xmas, and amazingly it’s still pretty clean and tidy. Having an awesome clean kitchen motivated me to work on the rest of the house, and I’ve since repainted my bedroom and put down new flooring, and generally been cleaning and tidying and getting rid of carloads of crap. I should have taken before and after pics, cos that is much more impressive, but generally I forgot. Just imagine it pretty much the same but with STUFF everywhere. Gren came in as I was resizing the pics and said I should have done his room too, which I didnt, cos, you know, it’s rude to take pics of other people’s bedrooms, but then he said it would have been useless without a before pic anyway, showing the 50+ beer cans he got rid of. Either way, Gren’s room is tidy now, which is nothing short of a miracle.

So, here’s my awesome kitchen when it was finished:

And here it is after a few weeks, showing the relative state of tidiness:

Stuff that still needs doing: put in coving above cupboards on the right, paint bare plaster there and inside cupboard above boiler. Replaster and paint area behind the fridge.

I didnt get proper before and after pics of my bedroom cos I am useless, but here’s a semi-before one, from after I took out all the furniture except my bed and computer (hey, i knew it was gonna take a few days and needed to keep the essentials!).

I did actually really love the red, but it’s been that way for at least 10 years, so I needed a change, and if I was gonna put down new floor, it made sense to repaint beforehand. So here it is now:

I did one coat of gloss on the windowsill today, and will do another tomorrow, then I just need to paint the radiator, and glue down the edging for the floor. Oh, and get some non-ugly curtains if i can find any that are super cheap.

The living room is mostly unchanged, I just put away the contents of the boxes of stuff that migrated here when the kitchen was being done, and bought some new cubbies for my yarn, cos the old ones didn’t match, and the set of shelves I had up was showing serious signs of wear after snargle kept climbing up to the top.

New shelves, and they were a super bargain in the argos sale…cost less than £32 for the lot, including delivery!

Stuff that still needs doing: Paint over the holes from the cavity wall insulation, sort out old yarn shelves so it looks pretty, sell one of the spinning wheels.

The spare room has looked like a bombsite for a while, especially while I was doing my room and had the entire contents of it in there. It’s not very impressive from the pics, but I sorted out all the fleeces and clothes and photography kit and other junk in there, and put it in a way that i can hopefully find things in future. And people can still actually sleep in the bed.


Stuff that needs doing: clear junk off windowsill, put up some curtains.

The bathroom is generally kept reasonably tidy, but the windowsill seemed to fill up with tons of junk, so I brought one of the old yarn cubbies up from the living room to put behind the door:

Still to do: Repaint walls, probably white or cream. Repaint coving where the paint is coming off. Get a new shower curtain. Put up a decent mirror instead of the ugly one that I found in the back of my dad’s shed 12 years ago.

And here’s the bombsite rooms….dining room and utility type room. They are tidier now than in the pics, but still…yeah.

Oh, and here’s an idea of the level of cleaning that was needed beforehand….this is the hallway after the builders had left.

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  1. Haven’t been around here for a while, great catching up on all the fun you’ve been having, new kitchen looking fab!

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