I win…for now

So, I bought and erected a fence around the veg area, so the chickens can’t get in and trash everything. They are pretty unimpressed, they saw me heading that way with a fork earlier, and came running after me hoping for wormy treats, but they were foiled by the gate. It all looks chicken-proof, but i am taking bets as to how long it’ll take them to break in.



The compost bin I had was full, and over winter I’d just been putting the straw from cleaning out the chickens in a big bucket. So the other day I built a new compost area out of chicken wire, and emptied the bucket and old compost bin into it. The straw from last year had hardly broken down at all, the whole thing was too dry…I need to use more kitchen scraps on it. And possibly pee on it. Hopefully the wire will allow for more water and airflow than the bin, so it’ll start working its composty magic all by itself now.


Now I just need to figure out what to plant. I have the remaining strawberries and raspberries, and I’m going to fill that bed with more of the same, and I have 3 blueberry plants in pots which have also been relocated to the veg area…they did ok on the patio last year until Polly started eating them. The newest bed will be for peas to help make the soil nicer, and because I love peas, but I’m still not sure what to put in the other two beds. I’ll definitely do some radish and lettuce, but I’m undecided as to what else. I may ask my LSG hoars for suggestions.

Oh, and i made this crappy panoramic pic of the garden just for reference so i can see how it changes over the year/s. Though now i want to try and do a proper one with a lens that doesn’t have crazy distortion at the edges.


One thought on “I win…for now”

  1. Apparently you need a man’s pee as they have an enzyme in it that women don’t have to start things off. I am not really sure if this is true or its men wanting to stay top of the dung heap! It looks like you are having alot of fun with your veg patch, enjoy!

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