Another veg patch update.

It’s coming along well. Since the last pic I’ve cut back the hedgerow and pulled a few weeds, and weedkillered the brambles, which are starting to die off. I got Gren to dig out the grass under the cold frame, which he did with minimal protesting, and got a few sacks of spare gravel from my parents’ place, which Gren moved with considerable protesting. I put down more anti-weed plastic on the path areas, and weedkillered the remaining grass/weed areas, so soon I’ll be able to put some plastic on there and get a bit more gravel, and it’ll start looking like a cared-for patch!


The radishes are now ready, and many have been eaten, nom nom! Once I’ve taken out a whole row, I’ll plant some more. The tomatoes and chillis are all potted on and are in the cold frame waiting to get a bit bigger before I plant them out. I have 20 tomato plants, so I’m going to need to rehome most of them! The strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries are all in flower, so if I can keep the birds away, I should have some nice fruit this summer. I think Snargle is doing a pretty good job of keeping the bird population down though, yesterday Gren came and told me she’d got a bird but he wasn’t going to take it off her because of some spurious reason which boiled down to being lazy and hoping she’d eat it. She did a good job, only left the wings. This morning there was a dead starling in her offering spot, so I can only assume starlings don’t taste as good as whatever she had yesterday.

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