Harvest time!

Everything is growing! Today I picked the first of the beans, along with all this (and also a few raspberries and blueberries, which I do every morning, and which rarely make it as far as the kitchen. Yummy!)


The heatwave finally broke and it’s been raining a lot, so everything is growing like crazy, I’ve been getting about that much veg every few days, though the peas are now coming to an end, just in time for the beans to really get going.

The herbs are all growing nicely, I need to take out last year’s parsley cos it’s going to seed, but I’ve not got anything to replace it with yet, so it can stay for a while.

Mum and dad brought the swing seat round, so i have somewhere nice to sit outdoors now

Seee, lots of growth!

When I got these pics, it was the first hot sun for a while, and the chickens were taking full advantage of it, lying around with their wings out sunbathing


Aaaand, I made a basket a couple of weeks ago. I keep forgetting to take bags when i go shopping, which i normally solved by keeping a load in the car, but they’d still all migrate to the kitchen and I’d run out, so I made a basket which i could leave at the front door and grab as I was on my way out. I’ve forgotten it a couple of times, but it’s had a higher success rate than remembering to take bags. And it’s pretty!


And another progress pic, I love looking at these and seeing how much stuff has grown in a relatively short period of time


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