mmmmm timmmmmmber

I went to the woodyard today and picked up some wood for making more raised beds. I got enough for 4 large and 2 small beds, and my brain was all ‘this’ll be super quick to do with my awesome mitre saw, I should be able to get them all done this afternoon’. My body was less co-operative and decided 2 was more than enough work and that I must then immediately rest. Oh well.

So pretty!


This is the bit at the side of the house that spent the last year being ignored, then weedkillered, then covered in a tarp all winter to stop more weeds. There’s enough space there for 2 large beds and a smaller one (which I didn’t make yet) between them. I just need to borrow a strong man to get the digging done. Stupid getting-tired-all-the-time body.


I now need to keep an eye on it and see just how much sun it gets. I know it gets less than the main veggie patch, but the front of the house is often sunny in the morning, so I am hoping it might get more than I think. This area and the greenhouse will more than double my growing space compared to last year.

I also joined a seed of the month club. It’s soooo cheap compared to seed prices over here, it’s cheap even with international postage, and the seeds are all heirloom varieties. And I love the idea of getting random surprise seeds in the mail every month!

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