i won i won i won!

The other day I entered one of those ‘post a comment and be entered for a prize draw’ contests on this lady’s blog, which she kindly ran to celebrate getting 100,000 hits…and I won one of the prizes. A very pretty looking lump of grey romney roving is on its way to me. Thank you so much Kathleen!

 An update on the free fleece adventure:

 I decided to try and rescue some of the jacob that i thought had been washed to death by dumping it in a bowl of hot water with a ton of hair conditioner in. I then did a few rinses (one with vinegar in to return the wool to its happy pH). The water turned brown, almost the same colour as when a fleece is washed for the first time, I assumed it had been already washed as it was so dry and wiry, but a lot of gunge came out, so now i’m unsure as to what had been done to it before it reached me. It’s still a little matted in places (does jacob felt easily?), but an awful lot better than it was before, I carded up a bit and did a test spin. Prepping it wasn’t fun, it was very lumpy and neppy and gross, there was a lot of waste, but i managed to get 3 nice rolags and a relatively even yarn (though i was still picking out the odd lumpy bit as i was spinning). I’ve never worked with jacob before, but i’m starting to think more and more that my dislike of it is due to this particular fleece rather than the breed as a whole. I’m participating in a fibre study group on ravelry, jacob is one of this month’s fibres, so i’m taking pics of my progress for that…I shall make sure some of them find their way here too once i get them off the camera.

3 thoughts on “i won i won i won!”

  1. Jacob is one of my least favorite fleeces. Has to do with variation in the fleece and staple length.
    Sounds like what you got was actually raw fleece from a critter who spent a lot of time out in bad weather compounded by it sitting unloved and unwashed for a long time.

  2. Heheee just saw the seal pelt, I so want one!! It looks so hilarious but cosy!
    Took a look at your spinning further down, it’s great! Very inspiring 🙂

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