return of the lensbaby

So I’ve not really done much that’s bloggable lately. Actually, thinking about it, that is a complete lie, I did a talk on felting 2 days ago, but well,  a presentation that relied on pretty soft fuzzy things to admire and stroke, and needles to poke unsuspecting fibre with probably doesn’t translate that well to text. Suffice to say it went well, one lady is almost certainly going to become an addict, I sent her home with some needles and merino to practise with, and most of the others seemed to really enjoy it too.

I’ve spent much of this week in bed whining about my uterus, but the doctor gave me magic pills that seem to be working, so I’m just dealing with the usual tiredness and blah rather than feeling like there are weasels gnawing my internal organs. This was enough to make me decide last night that i needed to find my camera bag RIGHT NOW, cos i’ve just been shooting with the 35 for the last few months (when i’ve even bothered with the SLR at all)…and while that is still my favourite lens (and probably will be until I’ve saved enough pennies to buy the sigma 10-20…mmm wiiiiide), a little variety is nice, so after eventually finding the bag (not in the photo room OF COURSE, but in a ‘secret safe place’ in my wardrobe) last night and messing around for a bit, I decided i missed playing with the lensbaby.

So I had a play today, and realised I’d not used it for a while cos it’s a pain in the ass. With my limited skills i already need to take a hundred photos to get one decent one, with this i need to take a gazillion. If i had the one where you can fix the lens in place to fix the focus that would probably help a lot, but even so, trying to take photos of cats and chickens and things that move is not fun. stupid cats. I think imma try find something worth photoing and get the lights and tent set up so i’ve not got as many variables to worry about. I do love you lensbaby, you are just hard work.



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