This is what my patio looks like most of the time. All the gravel round the edges pushed all over the place, and shit everywhere. I do like having free ranging chickens, but I really wish they’d just leave the damn patio alone. And no amount of sweeping helps, cos as soon as it’s clean, they go digging craters in the gravel again.


So I decided they need to be fenced off. The side of the garden by the hedgerow has some of their favourite areas in…it has the trees they can sit under when it’s too hot, a patch of ground they like to sunbathe on, and the old fire pit that is filled with ash that they love to have dustbaths in. So today I put up some canes and string to mark off the area they’ll have, and mum and dad are going to come round next week to dig holes for the posts and help me put the fence up.

You can just about see the string line in these pics…the scaffold hammock frame is going to be dismantled and their house will go there, and they’ll have the whole end of the garden from under the trees to the veggie patch fence. The place where their house is now will then be empty, and it is the perfect place for the wooden swing seat mum and dad are getting rid of when they move…woooo…I love swing seats!


And speaking of veggies…they are going well! Dad found some spare wood in his garden so built me another bed, which I’ve put a few tomato plants in. Eventually i’ll plant half of it with asparagus, but my asparagus plants are only about 2″ high at the moment, so I’ll keep them indoors in pots for a while longer.


Everything else is going well…the wind made a gap in the fence a couple of weeks ago, and the chickens got in and destroyed all my beans, but i bought some more and fixed the fence, so it shouldn’t happen again. And I almost have foooood! This one should be ready in a couple of days, and the yellow ones on the other plant are starting to fatten up too.


Aaaand, here’s some more awesomeness from my garden. In this case, by ‘garden’ i mean ‘zoo’, and by ‘my’ i mean ‘Banham’. I don’t wanna fill this blog with tooo many pics, but there are a handful more on my flickr.


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