Haha chickens, I win!

Mum and Dad came over on Monday and helped put up a fence to keep the chickens in one area away from my patio, and they don’t seem overly unhappy about it, so now the patio is clean (well, kinda, still needs pressure washing), and I planted some herbs in a place i can easily get to them from the back door while i am cooking. yay!

They have trees for shade and digging around under, grass for scratching in and sunbathing in, and the old fire pit for having dustbaths in, what more could chickens need! Oh, and since I took the pics I’ve put a few paving slabs in so I don’t have to walk over wet grass to get the eggs in the winter, and so they have something to grind down their beaks and claws on if they so desire.



Now I just need to work on the main area of the garden, cos it’s raaaather untidy.

The area where the chicken run was will be partly taken up by a wooden swing seat, but I’ll need to either plant some grass on the rest of the bare soil there, or put in some plants, and i have to do lots of weeding and trimming of plants around the pond. Still, it’s getting there slowly!

And the veg patch is looking awesome, even if it is mostly filled with tomatoes, I guess I’ll just be freezing a lot of them! I did pick my first real crop last night though (well, aside from radish and herbs, which don’t really count), 2 green and one yellow courgette. I fried them with butter and black pepper then mixed them with pasta and sundried tomato pesto, and they were reaalllly yummy.


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