Bandwagon jumping

So, the internet was all ‘hey, people with CFS will feel better if they do exercise’, and i was all ‘stfu internet, how can i exercise if i feel like i’m gonna faint all the time?’.

But then I realised I no longer feel faint ALL the time, and have actually been feeling pretty well this spring. Okay, so I’m still sleeping at least 12 hours a day and I still need help with certain household tasks, and still have the odd few days in bed when i overdo it,  but I’ve been generally okay for a month or so. So I decided to do some exercise. I started off with some easy yoga poses. Well, easy in the sense that they don’t require me to lift my whole bodyweight, but still with some difficult stretches, and I’ve been trying to strengthen my arms with little girly weights. But i needed to find something that gets my heart pumping that isn’t too strenuous, running or aerobics is too much for me….so I decided I wanted to try hooping. I was pretty good as a kid, and I had a crappy hoop in the garage for some reason, so i got it out and started to play. I couldn’t do it. It’s only crotch height, and reaallly light, and the interwebs told me i needed something at least navel height as a beginner. I messed around with it on my arms for a bit, then figured that if I can’t make it bigger, at least I can make it heavier, so I took it apart and filled it with water, and yay, I could do it!!!

So I made this video in hopes that I can look back in a few months and see some improvement!

My dad is getting me a pretty 40″ hoop for my birthday, so it’ll be easier and slower and hopefully won’t be as tiring, then maybe I’ll even be able to learn a few tricks!

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